Current living conditions at Nurbuling village

The pictures below show the current living conditions and temporary shelters at the Nurbuling village. Villagers are using materials from the collapsed houses to build their temporary homes. These pictures were taken on May 5, 2015 by Chiring.
Monsoon season has arrived. We are uncertain how the monsoon will affect their food storage, shelters, health, and living condition.

Nurbuling village living conditions 5/5/15 Nurbuling village living conditions 5/5/15 Nurbuling village living conditions 5/5/15

Update on Nurbuling School May 10

Through our local champion Chiring Lama, NEIO engaged Sameer Bajarcharya, our new engineer friend, to perform the building assessments for Nurbuling school and to draft the recovery plan. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Sameer Bajarcharya for accepting this important role.


In the office building, the earthing electrical wire fell off but the earthing is still intact.


The office building corner cracked.


In the NEIO building to the right, the outer wall needs repair. The inner wall was not damaged. Wayne and Chiring agreed no one will use this building until it is fixed.


Chiring and Sameer Bajracharya discussed about the foundation and building structure.


Chiring and Sameer Bajracharya discussed the reparations needed.


Chiring explained to Sameer Bajracharya how the new building was built (load bearing).


Chiring discussed with Sameer Bajracharya the possibility to build a teacher quarter for 8 teachers in this open space.


Chiring and Sameer Bajracharya looking at the government building (2 classrooms).


Chiring and Sameer Bajracharya discussed the construction design.


Chiring is working with NEIO’s on a future project to build a seating terrace in front of the basketball court, which will also function as an outdoor picnic and study area.


Measurement of the terrace.


Measurement of the terrace.


Measurement of the terrace.


Crack in front of the government building that did not affect the building structure, as assessed by Sameer.


Half classroom and half living space.


The new Nurbuling building (8 classrooms).


Additional cracks in the old hostel building.


Cracks within the old hostel building.


More photos of the old hostel building.


Sameer Bajracharya assessing the damage of the old hostel building.


Chiring showing the earthquake damage in the old hostel building. No one is allow to be inside.


Gentleman in the suite is the assistant principal, Sameer Bajracharya and Chiring.


The kitchen collapsed.


Kitchen water tank is still standing and working.


The buffalo shelter collapsed.


NEIO Biogas and septic tank still working. There is no leak or crack.


Locals set up the temporary kitchen next to the damaged hostel building. After Chiring, Wayne and Sameer’s discussion, all parties agreed to move this temporary kitchen to a safer location.

Photos from Singhadevi school and community

As part of the relief effort, NEIO provided 3775 kg of rice, 151 liter of oil and 50 kg of salt to Panchakanya VDC, Nuwakot. Each of the 151 households received a bag of rice, a liter of oil and 2 kg of salt, which will last them roughly 40 days. (See previous Singhadevi post on May 7). Food was distributed on May 8 to the households.

Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (17) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (2) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (14) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (13) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (25) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (12) 050915

Helambu update after earthquake

We have reached out to members of the Helambu community to find out more about the current conditions following the April 25th, 2015 earthquake. We have heard from four local contacts, including a helicopter relief worker, that “people have lost their lives, all houses are demolished, and people are worried about food sources.”

A contact in Kathmandu has indicated that there is an extreme shortage of blood in hospitals and for healthy individuals in Kathmandu to please donate to Bhrikutimandap blood bank.

Please donate through our website.

NEIO Fundraiser “Benefit in the Sky” Update – Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers

Thank you all for your support, hard work, and dedication. We are excited to see all of you this Saturday at Symphony Towers in San Francisco.

BIG THANK YOU for the following sponsors who have made this event possible…

Luis Ramirez – Green Living Planet
Tum Teevakul – Banana House
Jason Gee – Farmers’ Insurance
Jackie Chan – New York Life
Andrew Santos – auntie em’s
Eyo – F8 Bar and Lounge
Noah Fierro – Chase Bank
Cindy Ho

and the following sponsors for donating valuable prizes to the event:
Teresa O’Brien Photography
Niana Liu –
Khoi Nguyen
Alex Alanis – Better Homes and Gardens

Benefit in the Sky sponsor page

We hope to see you this saturday!

Benefit in the Sky

Dear Friends,

You’re invited to the “Benefit in the Sky” event at the Symphony Towers to support our school programs in Nepal. Your contributions will help to build the Nurbuling school’s hygienic toilet, water tanks, and running water taps. The improved sanitation and healthier environment will make a world of difference in those children’s lives and will also create awareness of clean waste management in local communities.

Location: Symphony Towers
750 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA

When: Saturday, September 29th, 2012
1:00pm – 4:00pm

It’s a Rooftop Art Event – Live music, wine, appetizers with a great views of the city! FREE ADMISSION.

Education is our passion, and we hope you and your friends will come out to support this great cause!

For more detail:

Nurbuling School Project

team priniple chairman and building chairman

Team: principal chairman (left), Chiring, project manager (middle) and building chairman (right)

It gives us immense joy to finally to see the initial dream of the Nurbuling school as a real structure. The team has been working hard around various issues for over the past three months, and the project is almost complete. Political interference, strikes that prevent traveling, hikes in the prices of fuel and construction materials were some of the challenges overcome by our team. All the building standards have been met and the school has become the first earthquake sound building in the village. All the credit for this goes to our volunteers, supporters, and the local Nurbuling community.

the villagers were building the school

nurbuling school

nurbuling school

The students of the Nurbuling school, enjoying a game of ping-pong in their new school building.

nurbuling school

NEIO Fundraiser Mixture – April 30, 2011

A special thank you to Khoi Nguyen, neio volunteer, for organizing this event.

Thank you so much for coming out on Saturday to support us. It was wonderful to see everyone and hope to see more of you at our future events. Keep your calendar clear for August 13, 2011, as our wonderful NEIO board member, Elley Ho, will be hosting an art show in South Bay.

From this event we have managed to raise $1504.00 due to your generous contributions. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your endless support and energy.

A special thank you to all of our volunteers: Vicky, Tinman, Kiki, Emily, Peet, Joyce, Will and the friends of the volunteers who joined in to lend a helping hand as well. And last but certainly not least, Tin Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant for the amazing job they have done. Please feel free to drop me a line sometime and we will stop by at Tin for a bite.

A special thank you to Tin Restaurant and Son Pham for their  generously donated of their time and space.

Door prize: Tin Restaurant (dinner for two)
Winner: Clinton Jang

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Joint Birthday Benefit Party

A special thank you goes out to Bic Chiem, Cindy Ho, and Betty Lem for organizing this fun event.

BIG THANKS to our Sponsors and Donors: Dr. Bic Chiem, D.D.S, Jimmy Hsu from Blue Danube and Gloria from Priority Express Cleaners for their donations.

We were able to raise $575.

Our prizes winners:
neio items used:
1 gift certificate to Blue Danube – Good for food and beverages ($40 value); Winner: Simon Lai
1 gift certificate to Priority Express Cleaners, dry cleaner ($50 value); Winner: Iris
1 nepali scarf; Winner: Kevin O’Keefe

Cup of Change items used:
1 gift certificate to 455 Boxing Gym for 6 classes ($120); Winner: Benoit Dion
1 gift certificate for a complimentary hair cut at Pur Beauty Haight Salon ($40-$60 value); Winner: Lanisa Wang
1 nepali scarf; Winner: Tinman Lai

Sugar Cafe (free bottle service); Winner: Christopher Le

Our Fine Volunteers!

Chaska and Wayne

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Upcoming Joint Birthday Benefit Party @ Sugar Cafe

Dear Friends,

It’s a double birthday celebration for both of our philanthropists, Chaska and Wayne! Their humble efforts and inclination to increase the well-being of humankind has been tremendous. We invite you and your friends to come out and join us as we celebrate their special days.

Location: Sugar Cafe
679 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA

When: Friday, October 22, 2010
6:00pm – 10:00pm

The manager at Sugar Cafe has offered our guests 50 complimentary V.I.P. passes to enter The Cellar, which is next door. Please see Chaska, Wayne, Betty, or Cindy at Sugar Cafe tomorrow for the passes.

A portion of Sugar Cafe’s bar proceeds will be donated to charity.

All donations will go to support both Chaska’s and Wayne’s non-profit organizations for underprivileged children in Nepal.