10/5 Fundraiser A Success!

We had a great turnout at the fundraiser last night! We were able to meet new people and see old faces. We are truly blessed and very grateful for everyone that showed up, all the donors and sponsors that couldn’t be there last night, and those that were there with us in spirit. Thank you for your contributions to a better future for the children in Nepal!

We also want to express our deepest gratitude towards all of our sponsors for the event: Buffalo Theory, Autumn Express, Niana Liu, Scripts/Calico Brands, Riad Bekhit from Philz Coffee, Priority Express Cleaners, Gilbert Hoh, Jackie Chan from NY Life, Cheuk Keun Chau for making this event possible! Special thanks to Tracy Nguyen, Quinn Wong, and Gilbert Hoh for securing this wonderful venue for our event! Everyone loved the place and raved about the food!

We also want to thank all of our volunteers that helped before and during the event. Thank you Alana Koch, Antonio Flores, Susanna Leung, Tracy Nguyen, Quinn Wong, Run Yi, Divya Gandhi! We are truly blessed to have your support.

We hope that everyone will get to join us on a trip to Nepal one day and meet the children you support in person! Namaste!

With love & gratitude,
NEIO team

NEIO Fundraising Charity (and Wayne’s Birthday) Party!!!

Please join us at the NEIO Fundraising Charity & Wayne’s Birthday Party hosted by NEIO on Oct. 5! The event is a very meaningful to us as the venue was provided by two of our past volunteers (Tracy and Quinn) who have continued to support Neio throughout the years and are again offering their new restaurant space to help Neio fundraise!
NEIO has contributed to the education in rural Nepal since 2008 by building schools and funding education. Our most recent trip to Nepal was March of this year and we have many exciting updates to share including post-earthquake recovery as well as the establishment of our Hong Kong chapter and our new child sponsorship program.
Details for the event:
Date: 10/5 Wednesday
Time: 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Place: Buffalo Theory on Polk St. in San Francisco (http://www.buffalotheorysf.com/#buffalo-theory)
Finger foods will be provided at the event. Drinks will be available for purchase (a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to NEIO). We will have a silent auction as well as raffle prizes. We look forward to sharing an evening of fun and compassion with you!

Update from Nakote school and community

We have not heard directly from Nakote school. Community members in the vicinity have said that all the roadways are blocked, and there have been conflicting reports on the extent of damage to the school buildings. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nakote community.

We would like to thank our engineer, Arna Raj Silwal, who helped us bring forth the school engineering concepts to the Helambu region. We thank the dedication and hard work of Arna, his staff, Jimmy (our local champion) and the Nakote people. If anyone has updates regarding Nakote school, please inform us.

See more on Nakote school projects on our blog and below are some highlight projects links. All pictures were taken in 2008 and 2010.

Nakote school 2010Nakote school 2010Dec 2010Arna Raj Silwal sharing the new construction design with Nakote villagers.

School completed: http://www.neio.org/…/06/13/nakote-school-project-completed/
Hygienic toilets: http://www.neio.org/…/06/11/hygienic-toilets-for-the-school/
Water tank and running water: http://www.neio.org/…/06/11/water-tank-and-running-water-t…/
Library project: http://www.neio.org/blog/2010/04/16/library-project/
Hygienic training: http://www.neio.org/…/every-student-has-1-toothbrush-and-1…/
School 1st floor: http://www.neio.org/blog/2009/03/31/the-new-school-building/

Updates from Sermathang (Yangrima School)

Thankfully, the students are uninjured. The school buildings have been completely destroyed. The focus now is on providing sufficient food, clothing, and shelter. Tashi, our close friend and school director, is doing much of the food coordinating, and is currently directing the efforts to provide 30 kg of rice to every villager in surrounding villages.

Tashi and his physician brother have helped with medical care and helicopter transportation for 10 people so far, especially in a nearby village that saw more than 200 people die and 300 injured and under treatment. This village has been isolated as roadways have been completely blocked ground transportation.
Tashi is now planning to build a temporary place to continue educating the Yangrima School students.

Update on Singhadevi school and community

Our contact, Shrestha, at the Singhadevi school has informed that the school building was damaged during the earthquake, his house as well as 151 other houses in the community have collapsed, and that food is in shortage. We were told that no relief items have been distributed to the village except for a small tarp for shelter they received from another organization.

NEIO has provided $2500 to the Singhadevi community for the purchase and transportation of food due to the shortage. This amount is enough to purchase 1 bag of rice,1 liters of oil and 2 kg of salt for each of the 151 households which will last them roughly 40 days.

Update on Nurbuling School

The following pictures were taken on 4/28/15 (Nepal time). The kitchen has collapsed, but the rest of the school remains standing with no visible structural damage. For that, we would like to thank the engineer, Arna Raj Silwal, who helped us with the construction of the Nakote and Nurbuling schools. Without the help and dedication from him, his staff, Chiring (our local champion) and local villagers, the schools would have been destroyed or severely damaged. Read more @

On May 5th, we sent $1000 to our local staff member, Chiring Lama, to purchase food and $150 to rent a truck to deliver the food to Nurbuling school. The food will be distributed to the 4 teachers and 40 children who currently live at the school. However, we expect our other teachers and students to arrive soon, increasing the food needs. Students living with families in the community have improvised huts from wood and CGI sheets collected from the destroyed houses.

We are committed to providing food to the students at Nurbuling school for at least the following 3 months. Food will be delivered at the beginning of every month.

Chiring has also been meeting with engineers to assess the damages to the school building and plan for necessary repairs and reconstruction.

Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen02 (1) Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen03 Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen04 Nurbuling 042815 - Kitchen05 Nurbuling 042815 Temporary Kitchen Nurbuling 042815 Toilet and School01 Nurbuling 042815 Toilet and School02

Food is running out!

We got further update from our local contact that food is lacking in the region. All are surviving on limited food including students of nurbuling school. He’s asking for immediate help to provide food for the students. It costs about $0.65 per day to feed one student. This will allow the students to stay in school while their parents work on rebuilding their homes so they can continue to focus on school in the months to come.

We are grateful for all the donations we have received so far, the donations will go immediately to feed the children at the Nurbuling school. Please spread the word as we will need more donations in order to continue feeding these children for the next few months.

Update on Nurbuling school

We are sad to report that the principal of Nurbuling school as well as two small children at the school have lost their lives as a result of the earthquake. Several other children were injured. We also confirmed that the Nurbuling school had sustained some damage including a collapsed kitchen and damaged office buildings. Our local contact, Chiring Lama, at the Nurbuling school and his mother who was living in the region are both doing fine.

Also, the school in west Nepal (Phalawas) has sustained some damage says the principal of Phalawas school, but the students and staff are doing fine.