The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a traditional annual event in the United States starting from 1621. It is a day for people to give thanks to the good things they have and join together to build something bigger than themselves.

A few weeks before this important day, Expedia Inc HK offered to arrange a fundraising lunch for us at their office. Staff were encouraged to prepare food and their cash donation to us were matched 100% by Expedia.

On the actual day, Abhiram Chowdhry, Managing Director of started by giving an inspirational speech about poverty in his hometown, India, followed by Elaine Chan (President of NEIO HK) sharing her own experiences in Nepal and introducing NEIO. A short video was then played to show the condition of schools after the earthquake last year and what we had done so far to help.

The event was well attended, we had over 10 different homemade dishes, a variety of desserts and even 2 big turkeys sponsored by Expedia’s hotel partner! It ended over good conversations and people feeling happily sated.

We were very grateful to everyone who joined and helped organising for the day. Your contributions and generous donations will make a big difference to the children in Nepal.

10/5 Fundraiser A Success!

We had a great turnout at the fundraiser last night! We were able to meet new people and see old faces. We are truly blessed and very grateful for everyone that showed up, all the donors and sponsors that couldn’t be there last night, and those that were there with us in spirit. Thank you for your contributions to a better future for the children in Nepal!

We also want to express our deepest gratitude towards all of our sponsors for the event: Buffalo Theory, Autumn Express, Niana Liu, Scripts/Calico Brands, Riad Bekhit from Philz Coffee, Priority Express Cleaners, Gilbert Hoh, Jackie Chan from NY Life, Cheuk Keun Chau for making this event possible! Special thanks to Tracy Nguyen, Quinn Wong, and Gilbert Hoh for securing this wonderful venue for our event! Everyone loved the place and raved about the food!

We also want to thank all of our volunteers that helped before and during the event. Thank you Alana Koch, Antonio Flores, Susanna Leung, Tracy Nguyen, Quinn Wong, Run Yi, Divya Gandhi! We are truly blessed to have your support.

We hope that everyone will get to join us on a trip to Nepal one day and meet the children you support in person! Namaste!

With love & gratitude,
NEIO team

NEIO Fundraising Charity (and Wayne’s Birthday) Party!!!

Please join us at the NEIO Fundraising Charity & Wayne’s Birthday Party hosted by NEIO on Oct. 5! The event is a very meaningful to us as the venue was provided by two of our past volunteers (Tracy and Quinn) who have continued to support Neio throughout the years and are again offering their new restaurant space to help Neio fundraise!
NEIO has contributed to the education in rural Nepal since 2008 by building schools and funding education. Our most recent trip to Nepal was March of this year and we have many exciting updates to share including post-earthquake recovery as well as the establishment of our Hong Kong chapter and our new child sponsorship program.
Details for the event:
Date: 10/5 Wednesday
Time: 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Place: Buffalo Theory on Polk St. in San Francisco (
Finger foods will be provided at the event. Drinks will be available for purchase (a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to NEIO). We will have a silent auction as well as raffle prizes. We look forward to sharing an evening of fun and compassion with you!

Whoo Hoo API!! Thank you!!!

NEIO would like to applaud and extend a warm thank you to API and “API Circle Celebration” event organizer, Tamiko Wong, for hosting  this successful event on May 31th at One Ferry Plaza. Through this event, NEIO team was able to recruit many more talented volunteers to join our team. We’re excited to discuss NEIO’s past, present, and future with all these new members!! We also enjoyed getting to know them as an individuals and discussing how everyone can contribute in different areas. Together, we’re moving forward to expand this non-profit organization and further nurture the village’s Nepalis children towards a better study/living environment.


Drink for a cause: follow-up dates

NEIO has been partnering up with DFAC to host a few events in the past! Most recently NEIO again joined with DFAC at the Infusion Lounge and raised a total of $3,675 from door donations.  We’d like to share some spectacular photos from the 3/7/13 DFAC event.

We need your support to benefit Nepalis children improve school condition and create better learning environment.
Drink for a Cause: March 2013 (NEIO) photos

*Drink for a Cause is a non-profit group organizing social gatherings for humanitarian causes to help raise financial and volunteer support as well as awareness of non-profit organizations and their social justices. You can find out any upcoming monthly events from DFAC’s Facebook page.

On Friday May 31th, please join NEIO to support DFAC from 6:00pm-10:00pm at DRAKE SF to benefit EduCycle.

EduCycle provides a free online marketplace where educators can buy, sell, or donate educational resources. It is also a place where businesses can donate gently-used resources to local schools. In this economy, every little bit helps! Their goal is to connect local teachers and businesses with other local teachers and businesses. After all, it takes a village to raise a child!

Location: DRAKE SF
508 4th St, SF, CA 94107

$5 min door donation for Yes responses by 12pm Friday, May 31
$10 min door donation for Maybes & everyone else

Hope to see you all there!

API (Asian Pacific Islander) Circle Event

APIPlease join NEIO as a community co-host at this Friday’s (May 31th) API Circle event! NEIO is planning to recruit new volunteers during this event! We want you to be part of our big NEIO family! Together, we can make a difference for the Nepalis children.

The Celebration will feature:

  • GREAT people to mix and mingle with
  • TERRIFIC co-hosts and co-sponsoring organizations
  • highlighting & supporting AWESOME API community non-profits and their work – GOPIO Silicon Valley and RAMS, Inc.
  • WONDERFUL performances by Bochan Huy, the Kriyaa Dance Academy and Uma Dhanapal, Matiz Flamenco, and Zahra Noorbaksh
  • FUN raffle prizes (every attendee gets a free ticket!)

API will also have

  • DELICIOUS complimentary Thai food while supplies last (and for sale downstairs)
  • TASTY samples from Jade Chocolates for the early birds

And there will be no cover charge!

Location: One Ferry Plaza
1 Ferry Plaza, SF CA 94111

When: May 31, 2013
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Please RSVP at
more info at

Thank you, DFAC!

We would like to extend a warm thank you all those who came out to support NEIO at the March 22nd Drink for a Cause event.  A special thanks to the organizers of Drink for a Cause for hosting NEIO this month!  It was a huge turnout!  We raised a total of $3,675 from door donations and bar proceeds which nearly tripled our first Drink for a Cause event back in September 2009.  The funds raised will benefit the children and their education in the Nurbuling Village of Nepal.

Upon completion of classroom constructions, a sanitation and biogas project within Nurbuling School is currently under way to provide these school children with more hygienic facilities such as toilets, hand wash stations, and showers.  Thanks to all guests, volunteers, and organizers at this month’s Drink for a Cause event for NEIO, the children of Nurbuling Village can benefit from these sustainable, environmental-friendly resources which will improve their health conditions for learning.

Drink for a Cause: March 2013

Please come out and support NEIO on March 22nd from 6-10PM at the Infusion Lounge in San Francisco!  This is the second time Drink for a Cause will be hosting the  fundraising event for NEIO.  The relationship between NEIO and Drink for a Cause dated back from Sept 14, 2009 when Drink for a Cause hosted the FIRST event for NEIO.  Together we raised a total of $1270, and NEIO was able to utilize the funds for on-going projects in the Nakote School of Nepal.

NEIO continues to be grateful and appreciative of Drink for a Cause for this wonderful opportunity to co-host another  special event as a team. We’re very excited about this upcoming event and hope to see everyone who has been supportive of NEIO in the past.  At the same time, we look forward to seeing new faces and mingling with people who are interested in learning more about NEIO.  We’ll continue to provide updates on current projects that NEIO is working on for the children of Nepalese villages.  100% of the money we raise will benefit the underprivileged children.

Please click on the link below to RSVP for the event via Drink for a Cause Facebook page:

Voluntary donation:
$5 min door donation for Yes responses by 12pm, Friday Mar 22
$10 min door donation for Maybes & everyone else

Infusion Lounge location:
124 Ellis Street, San Francisco, California 94102

When: March 22nd, 2013
6:00pm – 10:00pm

See you there!

Recap of NEIO Fundraiser “Benefit In The Sky” | San Francisco | 9.29.2012

The NEIO team would like to express much sincere gratitude to all our friends, guests, volunteers, and sponsors who came out to support our cause for education in Nepal.

Your generous contributions to the “Benefit in the Sky” rooftop event made it a huge success! We raised over $3,000 and 100% of the proceeds go towards the Nurbuling school for the next project, which is to build a hygienic, compostable, and eco-friendly toilet system within the school. This will lead to improved sanitation and a healthier learning environment for the school children. We couldn’t have accomplished this without all your support!

Here’s a recap of the event… enjoy!

benefit in the sky 1

benefit in the sky 2

Leslie Kay Bakery’s goodies were full of varieties and flavor!

benefit in the sky 3

benefit in the sky 4

Our volunteers helped to set up and secure the artwork on display.

benefit in the sky 5

benefit in the sky 6

benefit in the sky 7

benefit in the sky 9

NEIO cupcakes sponsored by Auntie Em’s Bakery

benefit in the sky 8

092912_benefit in the sky-38

Speech time.

benefit in the sky 10

benefit in the sky 11

We sold 4 images that day thanks to our awsome supporters!

benefit in the sky 12

We’d like to once again thank our sponsors for helping us make this event a successful one:

Alex Galanis – Better Homes and Garden Real Estate
Andrew Santos/Mia Miranda – Auntie Em’s Bakery
Elley Ho – Elley Photography
Erik Batoog – Symphony Towers Rooftop
Eyo – f8 Bar and Lounge
Flora – flowers and vase
Jackie Chan – New York Life
Jason Gee – Farmers’ Insurance
Khoi Nguyen – Wine
Lauren Dergance – Mini cheesecakes
Leslie Ho – Leslie Kay Bakery
Luis Ramirez – Green Planet
Mia Miranda – Welcome Whiteboard
Niana Liu – Artwork
Noah Fierro – Chase Bank
Riad Bekhit – Philz Coffee
Teresa O’brien – Teresa O’brien Photography
Tum Teevakul – Banana House

Our volunteers! Can’t say enough to thank them for all their hard work.

NEIO Fundraiser “Benefit in the Sky” Update – Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers

Thank you all for your support, hard work, and dedication. We are excited to see all of you this Saturday at Symphony Towers in San Francisco.

BIG THANK YOU for the following sponsors who have made this event possible…

Luis Ramirez – Green Living Planet
Tum Teevakul – Banana House
Jason Gee – Farmers’ Insurance
Jackie Chan – New York Life
Andrew Santos – auntie em’s
Eyo – F8 Bar and Lounge
Noah Fierro – Chase Bank
Cindy Ho

and the following sponsors for donating valuable prizes to the event:
Teresa O’Brien Photography
Niana Liu –
Khoi Nguyen
Alex Alanis – Better Homes and Gardens

Benefit in the Sky sponsor page

We hope to see you this saturday!