Sponsorship Program On Board!

With the sponsorship program on board, our students finally have the opportunity of
working on computers and exploring the Internet! This is a great leap of progress in NEIO as it allows our students to access different resources and would ensure that they are engaged in learning. We are currently sponsoring up to 15 students and hope to provide all students with a computer in the near future.


NEIO Goes to Nepal to Provide Supplies and Support



Wayne(Founder of NEIO) and a group of volunteers are in Nepal since 3/26/16 bringing with them a number of supplies for the students. We plan to visit some of the schools we have helped build and bring them essential supplies including pencils, pens, art material, and laptops.We will also visit other schools to share best practices with each other.

Picture with Nurbuling Students

Volunteers meet the students in Nakote!

See below for details:

Supplies delivered:
School Bags
Art Materials
School supplies

Basin and Taps for the bathrooms
Portable Sound Box

Laptops delivered

All these supplies are to help provide the students with more learning tools so they can have a meaningful education. Thanks you for your continued support and please check here for updates on our trip!

New Beginnings- Singhadevi Temporary Learning Centre goes live!

Hi all,
We have some great news to share. Singhadevi Temporary Learning Centre (TLC) has begun operating this month. Big round of applause to Shreekrishna Shrestha, his villagers and Chiring Lama, our NEIO Field Manager who made this possible.

37 students are attending this school with more expected after the monsoon season. There are five teachers currently working there. The size of the Singhadevi TLC is 40 ft by 20 ft. There are three rooms that are 15 ft. by 12.5 ft.

The project was executed efficiently. Thanks to the locals pictured below who worked hard to make this project a reality.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Singhadevi (3) TLC Sinhadevi (6) TLC Sinhadevi (10) TLC Sinhadevi (12) TLC Sinhadevi (11) TLC Sinhadevi (1)

TLC Singhadevi

Photos from Singhadevi school and community

As part of the relief effort, NEIO provided 3775 kg of rice, 151 liter of oil and 50 kg of salt to Panchakanya VDC, Nuwakot. Each of the 151 households received a bag of rice, a liter of oil and 2 kg of salt, which will last them roughly 40 days. (See previous Singhadevi post on May 7). Food was distributed on May 8 to the households.

Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (17) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (2) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (14) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (13) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (25) 050915Panchakanya Earthquake Relief (12) 050915

Visit to Phalewas School

Note: This post is about a visit to Phokara that took place last year.

During their visit to Pokhara, some of the volunteers met up with a friend and the school district chairperson Bhola and took a taxi to the village. They stayed the night and toured the school, library, and medical center during the day. They found out that this school also houses a popular FM radio station that can be a great avenue for an English speaking volunteer to use to broadcast information.

Phalewas PHOTO_20140107_093752-450x253 PHOTO_20140117_163008-450x253

Phalewas 2-001

The secondary school pictured above is quite remarkable. At the time our volunteers visited, they were hoping to expand the science and math sections of the school. In particular, they were encouraging girls to pursue careers in these fields. Our volunteers held a meeting with all faculty who emphasized their desire to improve the teaching there to compete with schools in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Way to go Pokhara. We wish you the best!


Cubby holes at Nurbuling School

Note: The events described in this post happened last year. This is a late post.

The cubby holes that were delivered in September 2013 are put together and being used by the hostel students! Prior to this, the students did not have any formal form of storage, so this furniture has really helped organize their personal belongings.

Buffalo at Nurbuling School


Petting the buffaloBuffalo 1

Note: This is late post about an event that happened in 2013.

In October 2013, two adult buffaloes and their calves were added to the Nurbuling school community! They’re being well taken care of by a full-time caretaker. They are milked daily and the milk is boiled and consumed every dinner by the children. As we all know, milk is a great source of nutrients crucial to the development of the brain. A big shout out to Melodie and Chiring who did all the leg work to acquire the buffaloes!

Bunk beds to Nurbuling

Note: This is a late post. The events described happened last year or earlier this year.

In October 2013,  3 bunk beds were delivered from Kathmandu to Nurbuling that were immediately assembled and put to use! They helped alleviate some of the overcrowding issues from the continuously increasing hostel student population.PHOTO_20140118_185703-450x253PHOTO_20140118_165320-253x450PHOTO_20140118_130020-450x253 my-bed-450x253

Field trip photos at the school of Nakote!

NEIO team is back to Nepal!! Please meet the school children at the school of Nakote!! NEIO volunteers had a wonderful time interacting with the children. The  children also LOVE what we brought to them!!  They enjoyed receiving new school supplies, drawing and playing games with NEIO volunteers. The smiling faces from the children are priceless. We knew in our hearts that the hard work has been paid off!!

The photo was taken by one of our volunteer SARAH TWITCHELL!! Thank you Sarah for sharing those wonderful field trip photos with our supporters!!

Nepal 2013 STwitch-2Nepal 2013 STwitch-1Nepal 2013 STwitch-3Nepal 2013 STwitch-4Nepal 2013 STwitch-7Nepal 2013 STwitch-9Nepal 2013 STwitch-11Nepal 2013 STwitch-13Nepal 2013 STwitch-14Nepal 2013 STwitch-15